Akagera Game Lodge

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Akagera Game Lodge stands on a hill at the southern tip of the Akagera National Park elevated above the Savannah with panoramic views of Lake Ihema, and the smaller Lake Shikani. With 60 rooms, a conference centre, restaurant, and bar - Akagera Game Lodge is the perfect home base while exploring the conservation treasures, simply relaxing or conferencing. Your journey begins today.

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Akagera Game Lodge is located within the African National Park

inside Rwanda’s Only Big Five Reserve

Akagera National Park is in the northeast of Rwanda and is central Africa’s largest protected wetland. Situated along the border with Tanzania, this 112,000-hectare reserve is the only Big Five sanctuary, and the last remaining refuge for Savannah-adapted species in Rwanda. Under the management of African Parks, Akagera has returned to its former glory and is home to the Big Five and nearly 500 bird species including the Shoebill and Papyrus Gonolek.

Akagera Game Lodge is easily accessible, and is a mere 5km from the Southern Gate of the Park. One can often see Zebra and Waterbuck between the gate and the Lodge. The trip from Kigali to the hotel is a two-hour journey through a beautiful scene of Rwandan culture, farming landscapes and rural settlement.

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